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Here at Little World, there is no enrolment fee. Your child will receive a Little World T-shirt, bag and hat. As fees are paid on a weekly in-advance basis, on commencement, you will need to pay a week in advance. If we are able to approximate what your weekly fee will be (less childcare subsidy) you will only need to pay this reduced amount. Fees are then payable weekly by the ezidebit direct debit payment system. If you are paid your salary on a fortnightly or monthly basis, it is your responsibility to ensure your funds are sufficient each week to cover the direct debit.

Our services are committed to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Observations of all children enrolled in our service will be documented and kept for future reference and reflection, through the use of electronic portfolios. Children’s portfolios will be available for a child’s family members to look at although they remain the property of the centre for the duration of the child’s enrolment. Portfolios have additional material added regularly by educators, families and children and reflected upon by educators to ensure programming for each child remains relevant to their interests and developmental stage.

Early Years Learning Framework
Each child’s learning will be based on their interests and strengths and guided by our educators. Educators must work in collaboration with families to provide relevant learning experiences for each child, based on their interests and family experiences. Every child will be equally valued and their achievements and learning celebrated. Educators will observe and record the strengths and learning of each child.

Our Locations

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