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Little World for Sports gives your children a positive introduction to sport by teaching high quality football (soccer) and rugby skills in a friendly, pressure-free environment. It’s the perfect way to ignite an enthusiasm for sport that will stay with them for life. Our Little World for Sports program is delivered by a qualified sports coach and the cost is covered by Little World.


Swimming lessons are extremely important in the early stages of children’s development. Not only do these lessons assist children with their swimming ability, but also encourage earlier physical development, allow children to develop psychological benefits and so much more.

Our Swimming program is for children from 2.5 to 5 years with a ratio of 1 swim instructor to 4 children. Levels are age-and ability-based. The costs for swimming range from $10-$15, dependant on location. At all our centres we offer swimming lessons twice a week. We are string advocates for children to be swimming before they start school and this begins with a dedicated Swimming program. You can expect lots of songs, activities and games to make learn to swim fun.


Our Little World Cook actively involves the children in a cooking program on a weekly basis. Everyone will agree cooking is an essential life skill that all people should master! But did you know that learning how to cook can also help promote social, mental, and physical development in children?


Happy Feet Fitness runs weekly sessions at each of our Little World Centres. Happy Feet has the perfect blend of educational content, creativity, health and the development of social skills. Each of our song and dance activities encourages participation, expression and social interaction. We have a variety of classes that keep the whole experience of dancing for kids fresh and exciting. Each class has clearly defined goals that your children will dance their way to, and be able to apply outside the four walls of the classroom in everyday life.


Each week our children have the option to participate in our Bush Kindy Program.  The identified benefits of the bush kinder include:

  • Increasing evidence that children’s inner wellbeing is benefitted by being outdoors as the natural environment enhances their health, learning and behaviour by supporting personal and social development, as well as physical and mental health.

  • The sense of calm and restoration gained from spending time in the bush.

  • Providing children with a connection while they are young, and the hope they will build a sense of belonging and respect for the country as they grow.


What is Beach Kindy?

Beach Kindy is an important program at Little World and all of our Pre-Schoolers are given the opportunity to take part.

Why Beach Kindy is so Important to us?

There are so many benefits to Beach Kindy, not least that it’s a fun and exciting experience for the children. However, the bush and coastline setting also provide endless opportunities to support our Learning for Life philosophy and develop children’s physical, language, social and cognitive skills.


When children see beauty in nature, they learn to respect the world around them. There are so many benefits to nature play including helping to stimulate children’s immune system, increasing the opportunity for exercise and physical activity, fuelling their imagination and improving language skills.

Children who play in natural surroundings are also more resistant to stress, have lower incidences of behavioural disorders, anxiety and depression. They have a higher sense of self-worth and develop more positive feelings about each other. A strong sense of calm is achieved during and after Beach Kindy visits, which helps children maintain a positive self-concept, manage their emotions and interact positively with their peers.


At Little World we believe that every child has the right to be heard and their communication understood by those around them. Our Little World staff have each been trained in Auslan and are passionate about teaching this important language tool to all of our children.

The use of sign language has proven to be beneficial for children in a wide variety of settings. Teaching sign language to babies has proven to benefit children in their later years. Research shows that sign language speeds up speech development, reduces frustration in young children by giving them a means to express themselves before they know how to talk, and allows infants to communicate vital information, such as if they are hurt or hungry.


We value and respect our older generation and believe that fortnightly visits benefits both our children and the residence at an aged facility.

The benefits for our seniors includes: fights off loneliness, increases physical activity, improves communication, and gives our seniors something to look forward to.

Children who have a chance to visit an aged care facility when they’re still forming their larger understanding of the world will be far more likely to see seniors respectfully and with compassion both as a child and as they grow older. It plants a seed for greater understanding that can pay off for years to come.


Our Yoga program is fascilitated by a trained yoga instructor at no cost to the families. When children practice yoga it increases their confidence, builds concentration and strengthens growing bodies.  For children with behavioural issues, yoga can improve their impulses in a positive direction and provides them with an outlet as a way to manage their behaviour.


Weekly visits to the Country Parklands to look after our very own vegetable garden, produce is planted, brought back to the centre and either utilised in our kitchen menu or placed in our Community Pantry. 


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