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About Little World Early Learning Centres

Little World Early Learning Centres are family owned and operated. Our vision is to provide children with the best start to life through quality education and care. We believe that Active Learning enables children to learn through play. We value each and every child’s needs and ensure we do everything that we can to cater for each individual. From soccer lessons to dancing classes, our Little World children are provided with the best start to a happy and healthy life.

About the Director

Hi, my name is Vicki Knight and I am the Owner/Director of QELC Early Learning Centres. I have been working in the Early Childhood industry for the past 24 years, working my way up from an assistant to that of a Director. Originally from NSW, my Husband and 3 children moved to the Gold Coast 8 years ago. During that time I have run and managed my own Child Care Centres and have had the privilege of mentoring educators and centre directors. I am passionate about the early childhood industry, and will strive to provide a home-like environment whereby your children and the centre team, are provided with the opportunities that encourage each person to become the best version of themselves. I pride myself on my ability to actively listen to others and therefore I encourage you to share any feedback, that you may have, that may assist in providing your child with the highest possible quality care.

Our Philosophy

We believe that children are capable and active learners and that play based learning experiences that challenges, reflect ideas, interests, curiosity and family life events are the foundations of learning.


Children’s learning experiences are scaffolded through intentional teaching and spontaneous experiences in a holistic approach learning environment. We believe in the importance of learning environments organised as a third teacher that supports children’s curiosity and encourages a sense of agency and self-help skills.


We believe that every child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential and have access to high quality care, and that every child’s aspect of being, becoming and belonging is recognised within the curriculum.

Our curriculum is guided by approved curriculum frameworks, which encourages children to explore, investigate and foster children’s imagination, creativity and promotes a healthy life style.


We value the importance of building a trusting and positive relationship with families that acknowledges individuality and each families diverse cultural beliefs and backgrounds.


We encourage our families input and involvement in their child’s learning and development as a valuable influence in their children’s life and wellbeing, and to be actively involved in Centre events.


We support families transition and life changes by sharing information from relevant community and inclusion support groups and links. We at Little World we establish connections with the wider community through community events, open communication with local school, excursions and incursion to enrich children’s learning and development.


We source and invite local community groups to share learning opportunities and links to enrich our cultural competency within our Centre. We embed the importance of promoting sustainability awareness and practices within our daily routines and curriculum. Establish a well-resourced, sustainable and natural learning environment that promotes children’s curiosity, exploration, investigation and most of all love for the natural world.


We are committed to providing high-quality care which reflects the National Quality Standards by continued critical reflections and professional development, that mentor and support educators to work effectively, harmoniously and collaboratively within the team. We seek community support and involvement in gathering information and extending knowledge to support children’s learning and developmental needs.

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