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The carers at the preschool are the extension of our family. We feel so blessed knowing our children are happy and safe. Your tireless energy, enthusiasm, caring and kind nature is phenomenal, and you all do the most important job in the world, helping to raise caring little people."

— Natalie and Ricki

Welcome to Little World Early Learning Centres

Why Choose Us:


Little World Early Learning Centres are personalised centres of which provide the highest quality of early learning,

  • We provide healthy, nutritious meals that are cooked onsite at no extra cost.

  • We offer second language learning through our ELLA program. Research shows that if children are exposed to multiple languages at a young age, this can help with brain development.

  • Happy Feet provide us with an educational dance and music program on a weekly basis.

  • Swimming lessons are offered on particular days

  • We have a cooking program where the children have the opportunity to bake and create with the centre chef.

  • We connect with the local community by taking the children to the community garden to give them the opportunity to plant seeds and grow vegetables.

  • Soccer sessions are held by a sports coach weekly.

  • We cater for children from 6 weeks of age and provide all nappies and wipes.

  • We offer sessions to benefit the needs of each family so that they get the most out of their subsidy.

  • We have a courtesy bus that is offered to those families that would not otherwise be able to attend child care because of limited transport options, as well as for our before and after school care service.

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